What kind of site is your (future) website?

What type of site do you need to pick to start off your web site? Here are the most common types found

  1. Forum.

    Forum is great for people looking to share their knowledge and share information on the stuffs they love the most and get feedback and opinion from other people sharing the same interest. In a forum, visitor can even provide high quality content by starting a post on a certain topic.

  2. Blog.

    Blog is also one of the great way to stimulate visitor's participation. With the commenting feature available in almost every blog, not only visitors are able to share their piece of thought, they could also start off a new conversation altogether based on the blog post.

  3. Mini Site.

    This type of site pops up a whole lot more lately. The most common usage are for sales pages Continue reading

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Information Overload - WARNING!!

Especially those who are new to internet world, information overload will occur. During this time, you will not be productive and you will not be able to create any contents at all. Sometimes you will feel scared to actually write anything, intimidated, even stressed out. I have been through this stage before and it sucks!! Watch out for the symptoms.

The Most Common Symptoms

  1. Feeling as if you know only a fraction on your topic.
  2. Constantly researching new lessons and information but never apply them.
  3. Afraid that your Continue reading
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Why a Mentor? - a Recollection

No matter what we do, at one point, we would realize that going alone and not trying to learn will get us stuck... This was what happened to me during my first few weeks trying to make sense out of internet business. I was so confident that I can make it. Along with all the promises of "get rich quick, get rich easy with internet money", I was drawn deeper to a black hole. I wasted some 4 to 6 hours daily just trying to make sense out of internet marketing.

After a while, I only realized that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get anywhere without proper direction. I was basically following every famous person with no clear clue Continue reading

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Redirecting Links for Advertisement or Affiliate Links

Why Redirect Links?

Sometimes, you were given a long jumbled up URL as a referral link such as http://www.example.com/exa/example.php?theurl=dxg_32zxxd345; not only it is hard to remember, but it also reduces your chance of growing your customer base from word of mouth or offline advertising. Imagine if you look at an advertisement in your local newspaper, the business is online based and thus, they are dropping in this kind of URL. How many people do you think will spend their time actually typing this kind of link word-by-word? Most probably they will google it away instead.

How to Start Redirecting Links

There are three most common approaches that I use to redirect links.

  1. Using META Redirect. By this method, you should create an HTML page that Continue reading
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Generating an XML sitemap

XML sitemap is used by spiders to ease the tracking of content in the website. XML sitemap is an XML file that contains all the links available in a particular website and also information on the las updated date of those particular pages along with information on how often will the page be updated. The more frequent the page is updated, the more time spiders will visit that particular page to update their database.

How does XML sitemap look like

A very basic XML sitemap that contains one URL will look something Continue reading

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The 5 Most Common Stumbling Block in Affiliate Marketing

How do we start affiliate marketing? When first jumping into this field, I found that these are the five most common stumbling block when starting out as an affiliate marketer:

  1. Does not even know where to start
  2. Thinking that online business can make money overnight
  3. Lack of dedication in personal time
  4. Information overload especially when starting
  5. Picking a very tight niche and failing

How to overcome them Continue reading

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